Eventhough we were initially reluctant to take up distributorship of a new brand like Tesla, after importing 3 or 4 containers, the market acceptance of these products (consistently high quality and beautiful packing), coupled with personalized service and fast response from the management, has made us feel that we made a Good decision. The company has products which are better or same as that of MNCs, gives us distributors more margin and the response of the company officials are fast, personalized and friendly. We look forward to a long long way of growth working with these professionals.

A N Thapa


Taiwan is one of the most Toughest markets in the world with the highest quality products available in the market from USA, Europe and Japan. Even in these market, the performance of Tesla lubricants has been appreciated by our customers – who were earlier used to big MNC brands. The packing is good, and the service exceptional. We wish them best of luck.



I have been blending my brand with Two MNCs here in Dubai and in France before I shifted to Tesla. The kind of professionalism they show are in-comparable  and I say Hats-off-to-them for their sincerity and transparency.



We are new to Lubricant business, coming from Financial business side. Tesla guys took us into this business, trained us, hand-held us, and helped in almost everything in our business. Now we are on our on. Initially some of my partners were afraid to get into this business, but the way Tesla gentlemen tutored us, we are not a major player in the Bangladesh Lubricant Business.

Tapan Poddar