Tesla starts in Consultancy Business

Tesla has been recently appointed as consultants by leading MNCs for (1) Getting OE approvals, (2) For formulating some specialty products (3) For renovating lubricating oil plants and for (4) for advising Turnaround strategies – by 4 different companies. Shows our overall strength in the field and appreciation of even our competitors for what we do the best.

Tesla Starts European Head Quarters.

Tesla starts Indian arm

Tesla recently started marketing in India – the 3rd largest lubricant market in the world. In an extremely tough market, with varying climates, road and load conditions, and with all the big MNCs playing vigorously, the market has greeted Tesla lubricants well. We expect India to be our biggest market in the coming years.

Tesla Distributes Lubricant Additives

Tesla has been awarded distributorship of Lubricant Oil additives by a prestigious Additive market in the Middle East markets. With our technical knowledge, industry exposure and experience in working with Lubrizol and Oronite,  we are hopeful of having a good market share in the niche markets of UAE Lubricating Oil Additives.

Tesla expands into Kuwait, India, Taiwan and Nepal – In the last 2 quarters,  Tesla is available in these four additional countries – making the total to 12 – which shows the worldwide acceptance of our High Quality products. This network is growing daily!